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Virtual Studio Set – S07 2 Human Videohive

Videohive – Virtual Studio Set – S07 – 37577251 – Free Download After Effects Template

It is a photorealistic project suitable for any type of program like news, dialogue, business, weather, sport, and story programs. This project is built as a full 3d scene with ready 18 cameras plus you can add your own cameras freely. Camera movements are based on real broadcasting shows which cover all your needs and special controls for transformations of the presenters’ placeholders. The project is simple and it is a one scene ( comp ) with multiple layers and cameras to have a neat and easy experiance. Keep in mind, the minimam time for the project to load 3d models and textures is eight to ten minutes on my own PC ( Nvidia GTX 1070 – i7-7700HQ CPU – 32GB of RAM ) but the render is fast.

Item Features

  • 4K Resolution 3840×2160 & 32-Bit
  • Adobe After Effect CC 2018 and Above
  • Element 3D Required
  • Full 3D Scene
  • Main Control for Everything
  • 18 Cameras in One Scene
  • Add Your Cameras Freely
  • Every Camera Has 10 Minutes Long
  • 27 Placeholders for Presenters and Footages
  • Simple to Use and Fast to Render
  • Real World Scales and Sizes
  • Suitable for Any Types of Programs
  • Video Tutorial
  • 24/7 Customer Assistance
  • For Extra Customization, You Can Email Me Here
  • Music Military Music

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